12/3/2013 - 8601503 Detecting distribution of multimedia content

A system and method is disclosed for detecting distribution of multimedia content. The volume level of data traffic is monitored for a plurality of users to select any users with high-bandwidth usage. The time of day and the day of the week may be considered when determining whether a user is a high-bandwidth user. Upon selecting a user as one with high-bandwidth usage, such user may be subject to packet inspections of data traffic streams. In some embodiments, content identification parameters or watermarks are added to one or more packets in a data traffic stream carrying multimedia content.

Inventors: Zhi Li, Dipak Ghosal, Canhui Ou, Raghvendra Savoor

11/26/2013 - 8595374 - Method and apparatus for capacity dimensioning in a communication netw

A method, computer readable medium and apparatus for calculating a capacity for high speed packet access data in a link in a communications network are disclosed. For example, the method initializes parameters associated with streaming data, long elastic data and short elastic data, determines, via a processor, a capacity value...

Inventors: Sarat Puthenpura, Stuart Blackburn, Dipak Ghosal, Gopalakrishnan Meempat, Ravi Raina, Raghvendra Savoor,Vishwanath Ramamurthi, Huahui Wang

11/13/2012 - 8312558 - System and method of managing protected video content

A method includes inspecting a packet stream sent from a set-top box device via a network. The packet stream includes video content that is divided into a plurality of subsections. The method includes generating a plurality of signatures by applying a wavelet transform to each of the plurality of subsections,...

Inventors: Dipak Ghosal, Canhui Ou, Zhi Li

6/25/2009 - 20090165031 Systems and Methods to Identify Target Video Content

A method of identifying target video content is provided. The method includes accessing content metadata of a video content item at a content storage. The method also includes determining at least one content signature based on the video content item and determining whether the video content item includes target content based at least partially on the content signature and the content metadata.

Inventors: Zhi Li, Canhui Ou, Raghvendra Savoor, Dipak Ghosal

10/29/2002 - 6473401 Self-scaling method for exploiting cached resources across organizational boundaries to enhance user response time and to reduce server and network load

A system and method for avoiding internet congestion that employs a pseudo-serving mechanism that entails the use of a contract method of cooperatively sharing retained resources within the normal body of network requesters which thereby reduces the burden on heavily loaded servers and lowers both data congestion and expected user response times. Requesters, or their proxies, can elect to improve data access time by contracting for the data, whereby they warrant that they shall serve resources on a limited basis in exchange for speedier access to the data, the access to which is either granted directly, or through another pseudo-server. Congested servers thereby share their burden with the requesters constituting the burden, while requesting servers may exchange their unused bandwidth and memory resource for faster data access. Security features along with the fundamental incentives of the method allow for operation with variously uncooperative network servers.

Inventors: Keith Kong, Dipak Ghosal