2. C3PO & VGrid

The current project C3PO builds on  the previous project VGrid. 


Project Summary

In addition to low cost and robust wireless communication devices, vehicles can also be equipped with storage, processing, and sensing capability. An ad hoc network of such vehicles can provide a number of important networking, computing, and sensing primitives.
First, using local storage, each vehicle can act as a store-and-forward mobile router and an ad hoc network of vehicles can form an intelligent transit network. Second, using the local processing capability, an ad hoc network of vehicles can form an on-demand and dynamic grid computing engine. Third, with the sensing capability, the vehicles can together function as a distributed mobile sensor network. In this research project, we consider the application of robust traffic state estimation and distributed traffic management using a hybrid network consisting of roadside sensor infrastructure and cooperative ad hoc computing formed by invehicle sensors equipped with networking, processing, and storage capability.

In this NSF funded project, we will utilize the sensing and computation capabilities of vehicles and the grid computing engine to develop robust estimation and control algorithms for distributed traffic management. Through simulation and analysis we will investigate the effectiveness of these schemes to smooth vehicular traffic flows with the goal to reduce accidents, minimize congestion delays and maximize throughput. We will also investigate the required degree of penetration to make such a system effective.

As part of this research, we will develop the software architecture, the networking protocols, and the resource management algorithms to create the grid computing engine, VGrid, and integrate it with the roadside sensor infrastructure. New challenges arise due
to the dynamic nature of the ad hoc grid computer as both the topology and the node membership change with time. We will develop an integrated simulation tool that has both a realistic vehicular mobility model and communication/networking layers that capture the dynamics of wireless channels. Using this simulation tool, we will investigate the performance characteristics of a hybrid sensing-computing-control system, and identify design and modeling issues to improve the performance of such a system


Fred Liu
Kartik Pandit
Behrooz Khorashadi
Collin Smith
Haning Du
J. LeBrun
Andrew Chen
Joey Anda
Chen-Nee Chuah
Michael Zhang
Dipak Ghosal


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Thesis and Dissertations