5. OPNET University Project

University: University of California, Davis
Name of Sponsoring Professor: Dipak Ghosal

Department: Computer Science & Engineering


LTE over UMTS/3G Network for Real-time Video and Voice Services


In this research, we consider the issue handovers in next generation wireless networks based on LTE. Handovers can lead to packet losses which is one of the major hurdles in achieving high quality in video and voice based applications such as IPTV and VoIP, respectively. This is due to the fact that the video and voice are typically  highly compressed using AVC and AAC compression techniques in MPEG.  Wireless networks are inherently more susceptible to packet loss than wired networks which is exacerbated due to inter-RAT and intra-RAT handovers.  In this research we will use OPNET to study the performance of video and voice based applications for different handover scenarios based on LTE networks. Specifically, we will investigate the impact of inter-RAT and intra-RAT handovers on the end-to-end performance of real-time video and VoIP. Efficient packet recovery schemes will play a major role in providing high QoE to the subscribers. Finally, we will evaluate different packet recovery schemes, develop an adaptive approach and investigate the performance using OPNET.


Yu Liu (PhD Student)

Dipak Ghosal (Professor)