Research Group

Current Research Group

  1. Nathan Hanford (Importance of affinity in data transfer over high-speed networks) 
  2. Saeedeh Komijani (Rate based intelligent transport protocol for data transfer over high-speed networks)
  3. Ahmed Ahmedin (Application aware scheduling of video over LTE)
  4. Yu Liu (Enhancing Discontinuous Receive (DRX) to jointly optimize power usage and performance in LTE networks)
  5. Darrel Aubrey  (Controlling Google Glass functions using using brain signals)
  6. Ross Gegan (Applications of MPPA architectures in detecting covert timing channels) 
  7. Mani Amoozadeh (Collaborative Assisted Cruise Control) 
  8. Dylan Wang (Undergraduate Researcher working on characterizing the impact of communication performance on job running time in the Edison Supercomputer) 
  9. Dylan Smith (Undergraduate Researcher  working on VANET-enabled intelligent routing and vehicular  traffic signal control)
UCDavis Collaborators
  1. Michael Zhang (CEE)
  2. Chen-Nee Chuah (ECE)
  3. Matthew Farrens (CS)
  4. Biswanath Mukherjee (CS)
  5. Lee Miller (CMB) 

Postdoc/Research Associate/Visitor 

  1. Jian Wu (Research Associate)
  2. Vishal Ahuja (Research Associate)
  3. Raja Gunasekaran (Raman Fellowship:  September 2014 - September 2015)
  4. Weiwei Liu (Visiting student, September 2014 - July 2015) 
  5. Arnab Biswas (Visiting student, June 8 - June 24, 2014) 

External Collaborators 

  1. Abhinav Bhatele (Lawrence Livermore Labs)
  2. Brian Tierney (Lawrence Berkeley Labs) 
  3. Mehmet Balman (VMware)
  4. Raj Kettimuthu (Argonne National Labs)
  5. Mung Chiang (Princeton University) 
  6. Amitabha Ghosh (Apple) 
  7. Shishir Nagaraja (University of Birmingham)