Research Projects

My primary interests are in the areas of high-speed and wireless networks with particular emphasis on the impact of these new technologies on the network and higher layer protocols and applications.  I am interested in the protocols and applications for next generation wireless access networks such as optimizing video delivery over wireless mesh networks. I am interested in vehicular ad hoc networks with particular interest in the ad hoc computing to optimize vehicular traffic flows. I am also interested in active end-system analysis to optimize the end-to-end transport protocol performance. Finally, I am interested in the application of signal processing techniques in traffic classification, content identification, and detecting covert communication channels.


Past Projects

  1. Security Issues in VoIP
  2. Detecting Sensitive Data Exfiltration by an Insider Attack
  3. Optimizing Video Delivery over Wireless Mesh Networks
  4. Sensor Networks
  5. Transport Protocols for Genome-to-Life Applications (Los Alamos National Labs/UCD Completed)
  6. Security Issues in IP Telephony (NSF Completed)
  7. Mobile Ad Hoc Networks for Facilities Protection (SANDIA National Lab Completed)
  8. Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Grant (NSF Completed)
  9. Pseudo-Serving to Complement Internet Web-Caching (NSF Completed)