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 Name Degree, Year  Dissertation First Job
Goldwayne Smith LehMS, 2018 Amazom
Jian Wu
 Postdoc 2017 
Harshvardhan Chauhan
 MS 2018  Cray 
Shyamli Mukherjee
 MS 2017   Sandia
Yu Liu
 PhD Enhancing Discontinuous Receive (DRX) to jointly optimize power usage and performance in LTE networks AT&T 
Ahmed Ahmedin  PhD 2014 Application aware scheduling of video over LTE InterDigital
Rennie ArchibaldPhD, 2013Design and Detection of Covert Communication: Timing Channels and Application TunnelingAT&T Labs
Vishal AhujaPhD,2013End-System Optimizations for High-Speed Networks Target Labs
Kartik Pandit PhD, 2013Real-time Resource Allocation and Optimization in Wireless NetworksAT&T Labs
Fred (Bojin) Liu
PhD, 2011
Next Generation Traffic Management Enabled by Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks and Cellular Mobile DevicesQualcomm
Haiping Liu
PhD, 2010
Efficient resource allocation and network design in heterogeneous wireless networks China Mobile
Xiaoling Qiu
PhD, 2010
Enhancing the quality of multimedia applications over wireless networks IPCC
Blake Mason
MS, 2010
Evaluation of a massively parallel architecture for network security applications Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Behrooz Khorashadi
PhD, 2009
Enabling traffic control and data dissemination applications with VGrid, a vehicular ad hoc distributed computing framework Qualcomm
Vishwanath Ramamurthi PhD, 2009 Cross-layer design of wireless networks AT&T Labs
Dragos Andrei
PhD, 2009
Efficient provisioning of data-intensive applications over optical networks VMWare
Tracy Liu
 PhD, 2009
 Hide-and-seek : concealment and detection of sensitive data exfiltration in network traffic AT&T Labs
Apoorv Kishore
 MS, 2010
Adaptive packet recovery schemes in IPTV Unknown
Jennifer Yick
 PhD, 2007
Advanced services in wireless sensor networks Qualcomm
Vijoy Pandey

 PhD, 2006
Resource management in next-generation cellular and wireless networks Blade Networks IBM
Amitabha Banerjee
 PhD, 2007
Improving data transport over high-speed networksVmWare
Joseph Anda
 MS, 2004
VGrid : vehicular ad-hoc networking and computing grid for intelligent traffic controlUnknown
Pohua (Brian) Liao
 MS, 2004
Performance analysis of routing and gateway selection for voice over IP in a converged networkUnknown
Stephen Mueller
 MS, 2004
Multipath routing in mobile ad hoc networks : applications and link layer issuesSandia National Labs
Julee Pandya
 MS, 2004
Peer enhanced caching (PEC) for mobile ad-hoc networksMIT Lincoln Labs
Archana Bharatidasan
 MS, 2004
Analysis of Placement Algorithms in Sensor Networks. Lockheed Martin 
Vijay Ponduru
MS, 2004
A distributed coverage-preserving multipath routing protocol in wireless sensor networksCISCO
Keith Kong
 PhD, 2002
Pseudoserving : a client-centric paradigm for service and resource exchange 
Xiaoxin Wu
 PhD, 2001
Supporting quality of service (QoS) in overlaid wireless networksIntel
Brennen Reynolds
 MS, 2002
Enabling secure IP telephony in enterprise networksOff-Piste
Xiaoyan (James) Fang
 MS, 2003
Performance Modeling and QoS Evaluation of
MAC/RLC Layer in GSM/GPRS Networks
Jayakrishna Kidambi
 MS, 1999
Dynamic token bucket (DTB) : a fair bandwidth allocation algorithm for high-speed networksHP
Ashok Subramanium
 MS, 2001
TCP over Satellite Networks
Sujata Balaraman
 MS, 2000
A comparative study of pricing strategies for IP telephony EPFI
Arijit Mukherjee
 MS, 2000
Impact of background traffic on the effectiveness FEC for packet audio over Internet CISCO Systems
Raja Mukhopadhyay
 MS, 2000
A new demand driven data diffusion algorithm for hierarchical caching Foundry Networks
Naranna Knappan  MS, 1999
Interaction between ATM ABR flow control and TCP
CISCO Systems